Bree & Me

Having developed a fascination with the art of chocolate making and the amazing variation that can be found from bean to bean, region to region, and even maker to maker, my wife and I can honestly say we found something that truly ignites our passion. With backgrounds in holistic nutrition, and a desire to create a healthy, good tasting chocolate we work diligently to do just that. By combining the wonderful cacao bean with some of natures finest, organic, ingredients we are able to create not just a chocolate bar but a work of art.

Inspired to share our passion with the world, in early 2013, we were able to bring our dreams to fruition. We were officially the first people in our town to succeed in starting a licensed cottage food operation. We spent a few years as a small family run operation creating what we would consider to be some of the very best organic, artisan, chocolate available with infusions of natures finest gifts from the comfort of our certified home kitchen.

At this point however we have out grown the confines of our small kitchen and are very exited about the state of the art facility that Starchild Chocolate now calls home. We have always put the utmost care into the creation of our products and the cleanliness of the environment they are prepared in. We strongly believe in the healing powers of food and feel fortunate to have the opportunity to share such an amazing passion with the world.

We are dedicated to supporting small scale organic farmers and communities in fair trade practices and establishing lasting, healthy, business relationships that respect all individuals involved.

Ash & Brittany Maki

Owners & Chocolatiers