Handcrafting Award Winning Chocolate
from Bean to Finished Bar!

Located in Northern California, we are Mendocino county’s own, artisan small batch chocolate company.

We work with some of the world’s rarest cacao, from regions all across the globe, to provide an array of chocolate unlike any other.

Said to be a gift from the gods, “brought to the people on a beam of the morning star”, Cacao truly is one of natures finest fruits.

At Starchild Chocolate we combine this wonderful gift with only the most premium organic ingredients available, to create for you a unique chocolate experience.

Our high ethical sourcing standards and use of only natural unrefined sugars, allow us to share with you a guilt free indulgence.

With gentle care and a desire to bring out each beans full potential we handcraft them in small microbatches using traditional methods of stone grinding.

We roast, crack, winnow, and refine all of our own chocolate and hope that you enjoy eating it as much as we enjoy making it.

Featured Products

Cacao Verapaz

Oko Caribe

Wild and Raw

Kokoa Kamili